‘It’s always sunny and 70’: First look at indoor golf coming to Topeka

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The interior of 8 Iron Therapy is still being finished. When completed, these bays will house E6 technology that stimulates real life courses.

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A new business in southeast Topeka is giving people a new way to play golf and relieve anxiety, no matter the season.

“You’re probably going to feel better when you leave, is our goal, and maybe a little less frustrated, less anxiety, lower handicap, that’s our goal,” said Sarah Vanderpool, co-owner of 8 Iron Therapy.

According to Vanderpool, the idea came to her husband after a long-day of work in the fall.

“When he would come home from work, if he couldn’t play he would say, ‘I wish I could get some therapy in,'” Vanderpool said.

Her husband currently serves in the military and Vanderpool is a veteran herself.

8 Iron Therapy uses E6 Technology to simulate real golf courses. You make your swing like normal and the ball hits a special mat. With the help of a sensor, the system learns everything about your swing.

The system actually allows people to play the same courses as professionals during major tournaments.

So whether it’s raining, snowing or just too hot outside to get out on the course, you can play where they say is “always sunny and 70.”

After talking to fellow parents, they knew there was something the community wanted for their kids: a pitcher’s tunnel. They developed a new space adjacent to their golf platform, for parents and coaches to practice pitching, catching and batting called ‘The Batter’s Box’.

There will also be a rental system for clubs, partnered with First Tee, and youth clinics as well. High schools can also use the facility so that they do not have to rely on the weather.

8 Iron Therapy and The Batter’s Box are located at 2841 SE Croco Rd. For pricing, click here.

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