It’s hot! Tricks from a local mechanic to keep your car running at max efficiency

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – The number one thing local mechanics are fixing right now is people’s air conditioning.

“We’re probably fixing three, four air conditioners a day at least,” the Owner of Shorey Automotive in Topeka Michael Luellen said.

He said two big things need to be working for your car’s A/C to run the best it can as it continues warming up.

First up, is your car’s cooling fan: the part that pulls cool air through your car.

“The cars really don’t need the cooling fans much in the wintertime, so you can get by without it but if you have a bad electric cooling fan when it gets this weather, your car will start overheating,” Luellen said.

If the air in your vents stops coming out cold, he warns customers to steer clear of the do-it-yourself kits you can buy at the store many people use to try and save money. He said fixes like these are better in the hands of the professionals.

Next, Luellen said it’s important your radiator is clear of any debris.

“Take a flashlight and look through the grill of your vehicle, it might be matted with dirt, rocks, butterflies, stuff off trees,” Luellen said.

That way there isn’t anything blocking the cool air from coming through your vents.

To catch problems before they happen, Luellen suggests to:

  • Keep an eye on your car’s heat gauge to make sure it’s not running higher than normal.
  • Make sure there’s no steam coming from under your hood.
  • Make sure there isn’t anything leaking from underneath your car that isn’t water.

He said the best practices during hot weather to keep your car running its best, are taking your car to the shop for regular maintenance, and having the antifreeze and cooling system checked.

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