Junction City Baskin Robbins goes viral with Tiger King reference

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JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (KSNT) – Baskin Robbins Owner Peggy Heldstab and her son got creative with their storefront sign that reads, “No relation to Carole Baskin,” in reference to the Netflix documentary series, Tiger King.

“I really wasn’t expecting anything because I didn’t know anything about tiger king or Carole Baskin,” Heldstab said. “So I was clueless, and if the kids think it’s great, then we’ll do it. The employees thought it was [ a good idea ] so I went with the flow.”

Olivia Johnson, an employee at the Junction City Baskin Robbins, said it was the Heldstab’s sons idea to make the Tiger King reference. They had been making a joke about the sign the night before, and when Johnson came in the next morning, the letters were there and ready to hang.

I hung it,” Johnson said. “People were honking as we were hanging it and taking pictures. I love it.”

The success of their sign came as a shock to Heldstab, with the message going viral across the United States as well as countries like Canada, Austraila and India.

“People like Darren Ravel have shared it, and there are some people in movies that have shared it, and our local police department shared it, so it has just been fun with a lot of people involved,” Heldstab said. “It’s pretty exciting and all the past employees that have posted saying they’ve worked there. It’s been pretty fun hearing everyone’s comments.”

TMZ also picked up the story, posting about in on their twitter.

Heldstab said she started watching Tiger King, and is about four episodes in. She also said she’s not sure when she will take the sign down.

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