Junction City could soon welcome pit bull breeds

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This is just one of the pit bulls waiting to be adopted at the Junction City Geary County Animal Shelter.

JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (KSNT) – Prairie Village lifted its pit bull ban in early February. Now Junction City could be next.

After years of effort, activists might have the support to get an ordinance lifted that bans pit bulls and pit bull mixes from Junction City. They say they’ve garnered the support of at least three members of the city commission. It will go to a vote next Tuesday.

The group Legalize Bully JC believes the ban is ineffective.

“We believe there are over 500 pit bull type dogs here in Junction City already, so having a ban on pit bulls is not stopping people from bringing them into our city,” said Kim Bradney.

Bradney is one of the activists leading the battle to repeal the ordinance.

“When they wind up at the shelter, they can’t adopt them, and give them back to the people who own them,” said Bradney.

The Junction City and Geary County Animal Shelter fosters a lot of “bully” breeds as they’re called. In fact, they make up the majority of the shelter’s dogs.

“I believe what we’ve been seeing is that people are hiding them, and they’re not getting socialized probably that’s where you can see behavioral issues,” Vanessa Gray, with the Junction City and Geary County Animal Shelter, said

But people who live in the city can’t even adopt these dogs.

“A lot of people are interested in the city but we do have to decline them due to the law,” Gray said. “It is hard when we have these great families coming in and we have to say no, unfortunately.”

The group also argues the city is losing valuable members of the community who own the breed that could move here.

“We lose a lot of people to Manhattan,” Bradney said. “They have a vicious dog policy which is what we’re trying to put in.”

The vicious dog policy would allow dogs to be banned on a case by case basis, like in the event of an attack.

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