Editor’s Note: This article contains quotes from tweets containing vulgarities, obscenities and language that some may find offensive.

JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) – A middle school teacher in Junction City is apologizing for several racist posts she made on Twitter containing slurs and expletives targeting African-Americans and Mexicans.

Annemarie Charland is a 6th-grade math teacher with USD 475 at the Junction City Middle School. Recently, she was found to have made several insensitive and racist comments on her personal Twitter. Some of the tweets appear to have been posted nearly a decade ago. The account in question has since been deleted.

Screen grabs from the account were posted online to a Facebook group called “Expose the racist!” in March. From there it spread to parents in Junction City who have since taken to their own social media accounts to call for the school district to take action against Charland.

The following are all quotes from tweets that came from Charland’s Twitter account:

  • “@TheFunnyRacist: Why did the black man cross the road? Who the f— cares and why was he out of the field? @LimeTimeRhymes”
  • “Let’s go back to white presidents… @TheFunnyRacist”
  • “This black man is #creepy”
  • “When black people wear black at night… #lookingtogethit”
  • “If you’re an illegal, gtfo. Idc who you are. And if you get caught years later, don’t b—- when they wanna deport you. #paytheprice”
  • “Only proper white kids play the quiet game..”
  • “Nowwww what race are they? Steriotypes are correct.”
  • “Twinkles with my n—–“
  • “I need some assistance…. 4 kids-monsters more like, Mexican box house, ghetto. #CallMe”
  • “My n—– @timmaymerry @bradklush instagram.com/p/XL_0fWgYOR”
  • “@TheFunnyRacist: What is common between the human race and jelly beans? Nobody likes the black ones. @hai_bae”
  • “@Trent_Hustle concerned with the fact that we have a black president.”
  • “@TooRacist: Roses are red… Violets are blue… Most criminals are black….. Not racist, just true… Can I laugh at this? Yes? Ok good”
  • “When my black teacher says “axed”… Am I allowed to correct him? #asked #studentbecomestheteacher”

Despite some local media outlets reporting an email went to parents saying the district was investigating the issue, a spokesperson for USD 475 told KSNT 27 News that is not true.

“We confirmed with the building principal, and she said she had not sent anything out to parents regarding this situation,” said Tina Kausler, Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools for USD 475.

Charland appeared to confirm the legitimacy of the tweets and apologized in the following comment she gave to the Manhattan Mercury:

“I have grown a lot since that time and understand that these posts were ignorant and hurtful,” she said. “My education and experience since 2014 have opened my eyes to how impactful insensitive tweets such as these are. These posts do not reflect the person I am today.”

When interviewed by a reporter with KSNT 27 News about the situation, USD 475 Superintendent Dr. Reginald Eggleston made the following comments:

How does the timestamp on the posts weigh into the discussion?

“Anytime there is accusations or anything pertaining to personnel matters, we do our due diligence in order to see if there is anything of substance to it,” Eggleston said. “Then a decision or discussion will take place, but of course, anytime we talk about personnel matters — those are matters of privacy. Nothing a district can really disclose at this present moment. There are no actions that need to take place.”

Going off of that, is there any decision on if that staff member is going to be terminated?

“Again, that’s a personnel matter,” Eggleston said. “Nothing that we can disclose and nothing that has been determined at this present moment.”

In a situation like this, what are the steps the school usually takes?

“Anytime there are accusations made, we will investigate and see if there is any justification of validity,” Eggleston said. “If necessary, we’ll follow whatever the policies that the board of education has implemented and has in place.”

USD 475 could not say whether or not Charland was still employed with the district, but she was still listed in Junction City Middle School’s online staff directory as of Wednesday night.