Junction City water crisis continues

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Water flows from a bathroom tap. (Photo Illustration by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) — Water is flowing again in Junction City after nearly six days without reliable drinking water.

Having said this, the community is still under a boil water advisory. Employees have been working around the clock to get the water treatment plant back up and running after it flooded with nearly 700,000 gallons of water the day of the wind storm.

“The people on the ground, doing the hard work, doing the diligence, those are the heroes,” the former technical engineer for the city, Blanchard Brown said. “Those are the guys who are really trying to get everything back. But it’s the negligence of management that caused the flood in the first place.”

The city manager, Allen Dinkel, says the water treatment plant went down because of a mistake made by an outside company hired to run the plant.

The plant initially went to a backup generator during the severe weather last week to keep the plant operating. The next day, someone with the company decided to switch the plant back to Evergy.

At this time, water began to fill the basement, damaging the electrical system and causing most of the city to lose water access.

Dinkel explains that they’ve been working as fast as they can to restore the access to drinkable water for the community.

“Everybody’s got to realize that my family is affected by this as well, so you know it’s not a big deal,” Dinkel said. “I think once we got water moving where you could shower, and wash clothes and flush toilets, it became a whole different game. You know boiling water is not that big of a deal.”

The plant returned to working condition last night, and the city manager says they sent 25 water samples to the KDHE to ensure the water is safe to drink. No official word has been reported on the status of those samples.

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