TOPEKA (KSNT)- Kansas State University administrators attended a luncheon at the Topeka Center for Advanced Learning to hear about how 501 School District’s Teacher Pathway Program, and how can create better quality teachers in the future.

Administrators, educators and students were all in attendance today to share their experiences in teaching and what has helped them in their careers.

With the state currently experiencing a shortage of teachers, administrators from K-State are on a listening tour as they look for programs across the state that not only look to put more teachers in future classrooms, but also focus on creating a quality learning environment.

“The partnerships between schools and communities make each other stronger, and we know that quality teachers impact student learning, and impact student development in very positive ways,” said the Dean of the Kansas State School of Education Debbie Mercer.

The luncheon consisted of multiple educators telling others why they have a passion for education and it ended with a panel where educators and even a 501 student answered prompts to show the importance of quality education.