MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Marshall Stewart, the senior vice president and chief of staff at K-State, joined the 27 News morning show to speak about a new strategy being implemented at the university.

Kansas State University announced on Sept. 8 that they would be implementing the Next-Gen K-state strategic plan. Stewart said the university conducted thousands of interviews with people across the state, whether they be on-campus or not, about what they wanted to see in the future from K-State.

“We are really thinking about how we want to be known in the future,” Stewart said.

As far as why they are doing this right now, Stewart said the landscape of universities really changed following the pandemic. Now, they plan to adapt.

“There’s just a lot of change happening in the education landscape, certainly within the higher-education landscape,” he said. “When we think about students, for instance, we are going to re-frame that around learners. We talk about reaching 30,000 learners by 2030.”

He says that’s an example of “re-framing” their mindset to have the term “learners” used instead of “students”. This is so they can include everyone trying to grow at the university, whether it be online or in-person.

“It’s a reframing of not only what we have done in the past, but how we are going to go forward,” he said.

To hear more details about the details of the strategic plan, watch the full interview with Stewart above. For more information on what this will mean for K-State, click here to visit its website.