K-State Extension Office issues warning for animals after increase of mosquitoes

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The Kansas Health Department says recent flooding brought with it more mosquitoes, and those mosquitoes could be carrying diseases.

This means the West Nile Virus could be a big problem in the coming months, not just for us, but for our animals too.

Ben Marple lives on a farm and is doing everything he can to get rid of the mosquitoes on his property.
He’s facing more challenges this year than before with all the rain.
“I know that this year with all the rainfall, and we’ve got water sitting everywhere that the mosquitoes could be a real problem,” said Marple.

The State Health Department is concerned as well, saying there is a moderate risk for West Nile in Kansas this year.
Even if the mosquitoes don’t carry West Nile, the pesky bug can still be harmful to the animal.

“First of all it’s irritating just like it is to us, and they don’t gain as well especially farm animals that are for market,” said Leroy Russell with the K-State Research and Extension office.

Since Marple can’t dump all of his standing water, he has to come up with different ways to protect his cattle.

He uses things like bug-repellant tags, as well as a dart gun that shoots paintballs full of bug repellent.

CLICK HERE if you would like to see more information about the West Nile Virus.

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