K-State student recovering from coronavirus in isolation hundreds of miles from family and friends

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – After testing positive for coronavirus, a K-State students is dealing with the recovery process in an apartment next to an empty campus hundreds of miles away from family.

Earlier this month Miriam Chamberlain went on trip to London with other students in the journalism department.

On her way home she started to feel sick. At first she thought it was jet lag, but her symptoms got worse, then better, then worse again.

When she got tested the results came back positive. Now she’s isolated in her apartment while her family is hundreds of miles away in Chicago.

She said she’s still working through all of the emotions that come with battling the virus.

“It sunk in and like, ok I have it. I kinda had already figured I did, because of how bad it had gotten,” said Chamberlain. “I called my mom and my dad and let them both know and they were like, alright you’ll get through it, you’re strong.”

Chamberlain said, “I’m just like out here by myself. This virus is not ok. I’m the only one who got sick out of everybody who went on the trip so it kind of hit me like why, me?”

Now she said she wants others to know that the coronavirus is something to take seriously and that even young healthy people like her can get it.

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