OSAGE CITY, Kan. (KSNT) – Many people tuned in to watch the World Series as the L.A. Dodgers take on the Tampa Bay Rays, but the people of Osage City had a big reason to tune in.

That’s because pitcher Blake Treinen graduated from Osage City High in 2005. His former coach, Bryan Sage says back then, Treinen wasn’t a stand-out player.

“He wasn’t the greatest player that came on the field and played baseball but you could see that he had a love for the game,” said Sage.

Now, Treinen has achieved what a lot of players dream of, which is making it to the World Series. Sage said he has a lot of support from his community.

“There’s a definite buzz that we can see on Facebook in the community and when we talk to people in the community, it’s incredible, the feeling is just surreal,” said Sage.

Treinen’s father said he is excited to be able to watch his son play in the World Series as well.