TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A recent TV advertisement spot from a Kansas candidate for U.S. Senate has been prompting criticism from the community.

Bob Hamilton is running for the open Senate seat left by current senator Pat Roberts. In an advertisement released recently Hamilton targets China, promising to crack down on the foreign country.

“Career politicians let China kill our jobs, and now China is killing our people,” Hamilton said. “The media calls that racist. I call it the truth.”

That TV advertisement has run on KSNT’s channel, eliciting calls from the community to stop airing it. However, KSNT is required by law to let candidates running for federal office buy space for their advertisements, without censoring the content in them.

The Federal Communications Commission says any candidates for federal offices have to be given “reasonable access” to commercial broadcast stations for the purpose of advertising. Additionally, stations are not allowed to censor or alter the candidate’s message.