Kansas Expocentre implements new security procedures

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Your next visit to the Kansas Expocentre will likely be a little more time consuming thanks to new security procedures. 

The changes were officially implemented a week ago and have taken some visitors by surprise.

Owner of the Topeka pilots Lamar Hunt said he’s noticed some of the negative feedback it’s been getting from fans. 

“We have a little concern about it hindering some of the attendance,” said Hunt. “Especially with some of our long-time patrons, there were a lot of upset feelings, if you will or statements on the social media”

The new policy prohibits things like backpacks and cameras with removable lenses, which is what Expocentre officials said they’ve received the most complaints about.

However, they said their security process is standard not only at their venue, but many other event venues across the region.

“A lot of the venues have made this change to enhance the security of our guests, of our employees and of the coaches and team members that play and visit our arena,” said Expocentre General Manager Kellen Seitz.

Guests are also subjected to bag checks and a metal detection wand down.

While fans may not like the new changes, Expocentre officials say it’s for the better. 

“I would rather take the extra measures to make sure all of our guests are safe and enjoy a happy event experience rather than take a chance and not do that,”​ said Seitz.

They have taken steps to inform people what is not allowed before they enter with signs posted outside of the Expocentre.

These rules apply to all events that go on inside the building.

To find out more about which items are okay to bring and which ones are not, you can visit the Expocentre’s website.

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