TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – One of the state’s top cops weighed in on a coffee cup controversy in Junction City.

Kansas Highway Patrol Col. Herman Jones referenced freedom of speech in an incident where a Herington police officer’s coffee cup had “[expletive] pig” written on it.

“I always understand that people have a right to speak their opinions, but when you put it on someone’s property, that’s concerning.” Jones said. “I always know that there are people that don’t like law enforcement or have some discourse for law enforcement, but when they express it in that manner it is concerning. What we try to do is try and give a better impression that that’s not who we are.”

The Herington police chief reported the officer believed an employee at a Junction City McDonald’s wrote the foul language on his coffee. The store owner responded after reviewing security footage that the video shows none of their employees wrote the words on the officer’s cup. The Herington police chief said the owner is bringing him the footage Monday.

Jones did not discuss the McDonald’s owner’s response, but did want to consider the experience with law enforcement of “whomever wrote that.”

“Maybe they’ve had a difficult time with law enforcement,” Jones said. “As long as the individuals don’t bring any type of physical act towards the officers, that’s where it really becomes concerning.”