TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission will meet in Topeka next month to discuss several topics related to fishing, hunting, camping and more.

Nadia Marji, a spokeswoman for the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, said the commission will host a public meeting at noon on March 9 at the Ramada Hotel and Convention Center located at 420 Southeast 6th St. in Topeka. Commissioners will hear the secretary’s order for deer season permit quotas for the year before moving to discussion and voting on the following proposed regulation changes:

  • KAR 115-8-9 Camping: KDWP staff are recommending a reduction in the number of consecutive camping days allowed at state fishing lakes and wildlife areas from 14 to seven days. This change would not impact state parks. Managers at state fishing lakes and wildlife areas would still have discretion to post their campgrounds or issue a permit allowing 14-day camping.
  • KAR 115-8-23 Bait; hunting: KDWP staff are recommending the addition of language to existing regulation that would prohibit placing bait on department lands and Walk-in Hunting Access/iWIHA properties for all activities. This change would not impact licensed fur harvesters as permitted through KAR 115-5-1.
  • KAR 115-8-25 Trail (game) cameras and other devices: KDWP staff recommend adding a new regulation that would prohibit the use of trail (game) cameras on department lands and Walk-in Hunting Access/iWIHA properties. This would not impact mapping systems and programs. For the purposes of the regulation, the definition of a trail (game) camera would be any remote motion-activated or infrared camera where the shutter is turned on via sound triggers, proximity sensation, radio transmitters or the self-timer built into the camera.

Commissioners will also hear an agency and state fiscal update followed by a brief legislative update and general discussion period after the public hearing, according to Marji. Commissioners will then hear several workshop session items which include proposed regulation changes that may be voted on at a later date. You can click here to see the complete agenda for the meeting.

You can attend the upcoming meeting in person or virtually through Zoom, according to Marji. Virtual participants can access the Zoom login instructions by clicking here or watch the live video/audio stream by clicking here.

The next commission meeting will be held on April 27, 2023 at the Wyandotte County Historical Museum in Bonner Springs.