Lawmakers at the Kansas Capitol set their focus on New York on Tuesday and tried to send the state government a message.
In January, the New York Legislature passed, and the Governor signed the Reproductive Health Act, which could allow more late term abortions.
On Tuesday, Kansas House members voted to move forward with a Senate resolution condemning New York’s decision.
“We were trying to make a statement that as Kansans we care about this issue, we want to let the rest of the country know that we care,” said Olathe Representative Charlotte Esau.
Democrats and Republicans went back and forth, arguing if this is a topic that should be addressed by elected officials in Kansas.
The resolution received 78 votes for and only 5 against to get it to a final vote, with many choosing not to vote on the matter Tuesday.
Wichita Representative Elizabeth Bishop said her no vote was personal for her.
“The law as it actually exists is intended to address difficult pregnancies that don’t go in a straight line from fertilization to a healthy baby, I experienced one of those, I have sisters that have experienced that,” Rep. Bishop said.
Other members of the House see it from a different perspective.
“I don’t believe that late term abortion is needed to save the life of a mother,” said Rep. Esau. “You can try to save the life of the mother and the unborn child at the same time.”
The House should have a final vote on the matter Wednesday, and if passed the resolution would then be sent to New York lawmakers.