JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) – One Junction City high school paraprofessional is working to prove he has what it takes to be the next big name in the music industry.

Born in Junction City, with five siblings and a single mother, life was a struggle growing up for Justin Aaron. However, his mom would never let him or his brothers and sisters see that. Instead of staying at home with a sitter, where mom went, Aaron went, especially to church. This is where his love for music began.

“She would sit me in the front row, and I would literally just watch her do what she loves, and she would turn the house on that church, and I would just be mesmerized and in awe of what she was doing,” Aaron said.

As Aaron’s love for music grew, so did his love for teaching. Now, he’s currently balancing his time as a paraprofessional at Junction City High School and a contestant on “The Voice.”

“I thought going into it, it was gonna be hard, but actually, because I have the support of the staff and the students, I don’t really feel a strain,” Aaron said.

With no strain in mind, Aaron was able to dial into what he does best. But unfortunately, without his father, who he recently lost to COVID, by his side.

“Going on this show, it just really felt that he was there with me,” Aaron said. “And even on audition day, like, I literally felt like he was there.”

Feeling the glory of his father by his side, Aaron knew there was only one song that he was meant to sing, “Glory” by John Legend.

“The lyrics just resonated with me,” Aaron said.