TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel appeared in court today after being charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery against a high school student in late April.

Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel made an appearance in court via Zoom Monday and plead guilty to three counts of disorderly conduct.

Samsel appeared with his attorney and agreed to plea to three counts of disorderly conduct.

The court agreed to accept the plea and sentenced Samsel to 30 days for each charge, totaling 90 days jail time. However, a Franklin County judge suspended the sentence and instead gave Samsel 12 months of probation.

Samsel may have no contact with victims or families, and must issue letters of apology to the victims and submit it to supervising officer within 30 days. Samsel may have no use of social media on personal accounts; he can use official accounts, but not as a personal platform.

“I’m sorry for what happened, I never intended for anyone to get hurt,” Samsel told the court.

The court had ordered a mental health evaluation which had not been completed during his first two court appearances. Samsel must comply with mental health recommendations made by the court.

The representative may maintain his professional social media accounts but may not have any personal social media accounts. He may not use his professional social media pages for personal purposes.

Samsel was arrested for misdemeanor battery involving a student. He has since been released on bond. Investigators said Samsel was working as a substitute teacher in the Wellsville School District at the time.

KSNT News also spoke with Samsel after the incident. The message he focused on was that the classroom incident, where he said he used “f-bombs,” and the “wrath of God,” was made up.

The Republican represents Kansas House District 5, which includes Wellsville and the surrounding area.