Kansas River flooding means slow season for local kayak business

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Flooding on the Kansas River is slowing down business for a local kayaking group. “Dirty Girl Adventures” is a kayak guide business that runs on the Kansas River.

Denise Selbee-Koch is the co-owner of “Dirty Girl Adventures” and she says they’ve been on the river less than half as much as they were last season. She says this is because the Kansas River is running at 42 thousand cubic feet per second.

“Envision 42 thousand milk crates passing you every second,” said Selbee-Koch. “That’s a lot of water right? It means it’s fast, it’s moving things and it’s deep.”

Selbee-Koch says they do not run river tours if the flow is faster than 10 thousand cubic feet per second.

Part of the flooding is due to releases from Perry Lake and Tuttle Creek Lake. Selbee-Koch says she anticipates the water going down in the upcoming weeks.

“Soon the reservoirs will stop releasing. We’re in Kansas. It will probably stop raining, we hope, at which point our river will go back down to a good flow,” said Selbee-Koch.

Selbee-Koch believes they will have a three to four week window after the flood water recedes. After that window, she believes that the high lakes in Kansas like Clinton, Milford, Perry and Tuttle Creek will start releasing again. Those releases will most likely bring the flood levels back.

For more information on Selbee-Koch and “Dirty Girl Adventures” click here.

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