Kansas Senator proposes ban on dismemberment abortion

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TOPEKA (KSNT) — Abortion — it’s a hot button issue for voters in conservative Kansas, and now one Kansas lawmaker is about to add a new element to the debate.

“Well the goal is to protect unborn children,” said Sen. Garrett Love, (R) of Montezuma.

Senator Love is working with an anti-abortion group to outlaw yet another method of abortion.

“What it does is ban a specific method of abortion, so this would stop dismemberment abortions on living unborn children,” said Jessie Basgall, Attorney for Kansans for Life.

Advocates tell us this new bill is tailored after the federal Partial Birth Abortion Act of 2003, and doesn’t violate anyone’s constitutional rights.

They say previous Supreme Court decisions dictate that states have the right to regulate different types of abortion, but their opponents disagree.

“This bill is clearly unconstitutional. It’s an early abortion ban and it will be fought at every step of the process,” said Elise Higgens, Kansas Manager of Government Affairs for Planned Parenthood.

But Sen. Love says he’s ready for the fight. He thinks it’s a bill Kansans and other lawmakers will support.

“There will certainly be strong opposition, I’m sure, as there always is, but ultimately what it comes down to is the baby, and protecting these unborn children,” said Sen. Love.

He’s confident it will pass this session.

Sen. Love plans to introduce the bill in early February, and then it will still face a long road ahead. But, if passed Kansas would be the first state in the nation to ban it.

Pro-Life advocates hope the initiative will pave the way for other states to follow suit.

Click here to track the bill’s progress.

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