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Kansas teen set to graduate high school and Harvard in same month

ULYSSES, Kan. (KSNT) - A Kansas teen is about to make history by graduating from high school and Harvard at the same time. 

 "I was thinking about the other day how surreal that actual day will be," said Braxton Moral, then 14 years old during a tv interview when he was asked about the achievement.

Fast forward to January 2019, and Moral is now 16 and just four months away from graduating from Ulysses High School in western Kansas, and from the Bachelor of Liberal Arts program at the Harvard Extension School.

This fast-paced educational success is something to which Moral is familiar. When he was in elementary school his teachers quickly noticed he was very gifted. He even ended up skipping fourth grade.

By the time Moral was 11 years old, he was taking online courses from Harvard's Extension school, a program designed for off-campus students seeking part-time, online programs. 

During the summer between his sophomore and junior years, Moral also took classes on Harvard's campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Yet despite being so gifted, Moral describes himself as a typical average teenager, who does the common things all teens do.

He goes out with friends on the weekends, attended prom, and he loves video games.

"I do, I do, an unhealthy amount of video games."

Moral even admitted he wasn't always the best student.

"I'm still a regular person so sometimes I underestimate the amount of work I need to put in or procrastinate too long," he said.

The teen even said he got a C in social studies at one point, which is ironic because that's what he ended up choosing as a major.

So what's next for the gifted teen? 

He has a passion to be a lawmaker someday and to create a law that would have helped him receive financial aid. Moral said Harvard covered half of his tuition, his family had to cover the rest because current laws prevent people young people without a high school diploma from receiving federal aid.

"I'll probably end up going to Harvard Law hopefully," Moral said. "I think that's an achievable dream or maybe some other law school because I think that's where you should start, if you want to make laws you should probably learn about them first."

A smart idea, one of the many we can all expect out of Moral.




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