TOPEKA (KSNT) – A Kansas teen’s luck has finally turned around Sunday as she is now able to afford a new insulin pump after losing her own when her car was stolen.

Tylynn Cross, 19, lost her insulin pump on Dec. 10 when her car was stolen by Jessica Riley-Perkins in a Lawrence Home Depot parking lot, according to police and video from a later incident. After the car disappeared, Cross’ family said they got security footage of Riley-Perkins using Cross’ debit card at the Topeka Fat Shack. The Kansas teen later had to be hospitalized as her family tried to raise enough money to purchase a new insulin pump, which the family said is priced at $17,000.

The GoFundMe set up for Tylynn was able to collect enough money for her to purchase a new insulin pump on Sunday after receiving help from her family’s insurance company and a special discount from the company that makes the pumps, bringing to a close an ordeal that has lasted for over a month.

“It’s amazing the army you can put together in times of need,” said Kimberly Davidson, a family friend and organizer of the fundraiser. “I mean you don’t realize, so many people have a heart until something happens and I mean people come out of the woodwork. The last donation that we had was a thousand-dollar donation.”

Riley-Perkins was arrested for a separate Dec. 22 theft in Topeka, according to Topeka police. She later bonded out only to be arrested again for stealing a car on Jan. 6.