Kansas is topping the list for the most hail damage in the country in 2018. The National Weather Service said 493 of the 4,600 hail storms happened here.

The problems that come with the storms can get costly, quickly. So how do you protect your most valuable belongings, like your car?

If you have a garage, that’ll be your best protection.

If not, blankets, thick towels or a hail car cover should be on your list.

But what about the people who have to protect hundreds of cars? For example, Laird Noller Ford in Topeka.

“You’re at the mercy of the storm, if we know it’s coming and have enough time, we’re going to get all the specialty cars inside,” Rick Wright at Laird Noller said. “We have so many cars on the lot, we’re going to take the most important ones, the most expensive ones, and get them inside. The rest, we’re going to stand and watch it happen.”

After a hail storm, the dealership has their insurance company come out and evaluate the damage but can’t sell anything in the meantime. After the evaluations, you may want to think about going car shopping.

“We call the insurance company, don’t sell anything, and have them evaluate them and then have a huge discount sale,” Wright said.

But for people in Dallas, drivers are getting creative. Taping and trying everything from inflatable mattresses to mulch, to rows of pool noodles.

We have no guarantee these hacks will work, but you can’t blame these people for trying.