TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is looking into a woman’s death at the Topeka Correctional Facility, the agency confirmed Tuesday.

Jessica Chapman, 35, died Monday in the Kansas Department of Corrections’ TCF women’s prison. A spokeswoman for KBI confirmed it is following standard procedure by investigating the woman’s death.

“The KBI investigates all individuals who die in the custody of a Kansas jail or prison, unless the inmate is being regularly attended by a physician.”

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation

The KBI also noted an abnormal detail about Chapman’s death in custody.

“Typically KDOC will put out a press release when an inmate dies unexpectedly providing the time and other pertinent circumstances of the incident…”

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation

As of Tuesday evening, KSNT News has not received a public notice from KDOC regarding the death. When KSNT reached out to KDOC about Chapman’s death, it did confirm she died and that KBI was notified.