The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center in Topeka has been a place for families and kids to learn in fun and different ways, but for some kids, that learning experience isn’t easy to get to.

The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center is making sure no child is left behind, which is why they’ve started programs to help kids who can’t get here easily, like kids whose mothers are incarcerated.

Community and togetherness, one of the most important goals for the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, as they bring kids and mothers together, specifically moms who are in prison.

Since Dené Mosier became the CEO and president of the museum, she has made it a priority to serve everyone in the community. And when she found out a group of kids weren’t being served– she worked to change that.

“We learned about the program that was taking place at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan in collaboration with Rikers Island,” Mosier said. “So we really began the work then.”

It is a program that the new member, Sherie Keegan, admires.

“Any relationship with parents is of utmost importance,” Keegan said. “So incarcerated parents that can get to come and see their children, in a natural environment where everybody gets to play, that’s important.”

“Where they feel joy, they have normalized experience,” Mosier said. “They get to walk around and hold their mom’s hand. They get to make choices together. They get to make memories.”

The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center also has a day they dedicate to children with autism, giving them a low sensory, but fun-filled day. The center also offers space for kids who can’t be around others for medical reasons.