MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Communities all over Kansas are laying the groundwork to create a more pedestrian-friendly community.

The Kansas Department of Transportation announced over 30 transportation alternative projects across the state.

KDOT says automobiles are the most common form of transportation in America, and the current infrastructure often makes it a challenge to walk or bike from point A to point B.

These new projects will restructure participating towns so that cars and pedestrians can travel more safely together. Adding safer crosswalks and fixing up sidewalks is a big part of the $30 million initiative to create more walkable communities.

“It makes a huge difference in a community if you have good sidewalks, and you have bright stripes,” KDOT Secretary Julie Lorenz said. “Knowing how to keep yourself safe and how to walk to school or walk to the park and be more active, and in the end, healthier.”

KDOT believes security and connection are some of the most important elements in a thriving community. This allows residents to continue feeling a sense of pride in their city.

Some improvements people can expect are smoother sidewalks and slowed traffic in populated areas. Many of these changes can be expected within the next year.