TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Kansas Department of Transportation is preparing for a winter storm to hit northeast Kansas Friday night. The department said night crews will be coming in at 7:30 p.m. to wait for the weather to start.

Highway Maintenance Superintendent David Studebaker said crews will start putting down salt once snow or freezing rain hits. Since the storm is expected to start with rain, he said crews will not be pre-treating the roadways.

“The pre-treatment that we use is typically a liquid brine solution,” Studebaker said. “It’s 23% salt and the rest is water. It sticks to it and it causes that barrier for the frozen precipitation to not freeze down to bridges in particular. With the moisture, it’s going to dilute that.”

Studebaker said salt is expected to hold up better in this type of weather. KDOT crews typically focus on higher traffic highways first, like Interstate 70 and Highway 75, before moving on to other state highways.

Drivers are advised to slow down and leave plenty of room between themselves and other drivers.