A week went by not knowing which Republican would challenge Laura Kelly and Greg Orman in the Governor’s race.

Current Governor Jeff Colyer conceded the Republican nomination to Secretary of State Kris Kobach last night.

The door of the Governor’s office will have a new name on it come January, today we heard each candidates plans on making sure that name is theirs.

It’s been a very different week for State Senator Laura Kelly compared to Kris Kobach. Kelly won her primary by more than 48,000 votes while Kobach’s lead currently sits at nearly 350.

Now their focus shifts to the general election.

Kobach is trying to lump together Kelly with Independent candidate Greg Orman.

“This is an election of great contrast, you have two liberal progressives who support the status quo and you have one candidate demanding significant change.”

While Kelly is trying to make sure the support she receives is wide ranging.

“We have every intention of getting our message out to all folks across the state of Kansas because as governor, I’ll be representing all the folks.”

Now, Kelly and Kobach have three months to get their message across.

“I want to restore funding to our public schools and make them the best in the nation again, I want to really focus on early childhood education, we need to restore our roads and we need to build our broadband network if we’re ever going to attract businesses in the state,” says Kelly.

Kobach says that, “The status quo is not good enough. We want businesses to grow in Kansas, we want education to be better in Kansas, and we want illegal immigration to stop in Kansas.”

Governor Colyer has promised he will help make it a smooth transition for whoever wins come November.

Other candidates for governor include Libertarian Jeff Caldwell and Independent Rick Kloos.