Kobach’s support of Brownback could be good for his opponents

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Republican governor candidate Kris Kobach’s support of former governor Sam Brownback is catching attention around the country and now it’s even made major headlines.

The first question of the last governor candidates’ debate was whether Sam Brownback was a good governor. Republican candidate Kris Kobach was the only one to raise his hand in support.

“I like most people, probably would give him a mixed record,” Kobach said. “He was great on some things, not as good on other things.” 

The New York Times called the raised hand a “gift to democrats” given the unpopularity of the former governor who left with only a 24 percent approval rating.  

Political analyst Dr. Bob Beatty said Kobach calling Brownback a good governor could be beneficial for Democrat Laura Kelly and Independent Greg Orman. 

“This is very helpful for the Democrats because they’ve been running on the idea that Kris Kobach is Sam Brownback and obviously Kris Kobach wants to run as Kris Kobach,” Dr. Beatty said. 

Over the course of her campaign, Kelly has said Kobach will reinstate Brownback’s tax policies, which is something she feels is working in her favor.

“I think most people in Kansas are not interested in going back to the failed Brownback experiment,” Kelly said. “I think we can see that in the kind of support that I’ve been getting.”

However during the debate, it was Kobach who compared Kelly to Brownback saying she shares policy views with Brownback on sales taxes, government spending and immigration. In her rebuttal, Kelly called the comparison absurd. 

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