KPERS bill heading to Gov. Kelly

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A bill that would send $115 million the state’s employee retirement system is heading the the governor’s desk.

On Friday, the House passed the bill 117-0. The Senate passed the bill earlier this month.

The bill would repay KPERS with interest after the state didn’t make its payment in 2016.

Governor Kelly put out a statement on the bill.

“After years of delayed, reduced and eliminated pension payments to prop up a failed tax experiment, it is encouraging to see lawmakers act responsibly to fix past mistakes,” said Gov. Kelly.

She did go on to warn legislators of past mistakes.

“While I’m eager to compromise with Republican leadership on policy proposals, I will not compromise Kansans’ commitment to fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets. I’m hopeful that Republican leadership will join me in that effort and come to the table to offer reasonable ideas so we can avoid the mistakes that made Senate Bill 9 necessary in the first place.”

Senate President Susan Wagle responded to the governor’s statement.

“Governor Kelly has an opportunity to lead but instead she continues to point the finger. It’s time for her to stop blaming the past and look in the mirror to realize she has provided us with a budget that is not only structurally imbalanced but a recipe for another tax increase.”

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