TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka High basketball players were allegedly showered with racial slurs and comments from Valley Center students at a recent game.

Topeka High employees are now calling for a change.

The schools are currently investigating the reports of racial slurs being used by Valley Center students. These slurs were directed at Topeka High basketball players during their game this past Saturday. The Kansas Highschool Athletic Association says they will continue to follow this investigation and take any action they deem necessary.

Following the game on Saturday, violent threats were made toward Valley Center students. This caused all schools to be closed today and all activities to be canceled. Officers were on patrol outside the school to make sure none of the threats came to fruition. KSHAA said they are taking all threats and reports seriously.

“Anytime there’s anything brought forth from our member schools that they want us to consider or look at, we will obviously give that 100% of our attention, and see exactly what they are asking of us or our fellow member schools” said Jeremy Holaday from KSHAA.

Topeka High Mens Basketball Head Coach George Lyons started a petition yesterday, asking for a change. The petition states “Remove Fans from Valley Center High School Sporting Events” with notes saying “Valley Center admin and staff did not address any of these actions while play was taking place, although they were very aware.”

Although KSHAA knows about the petition, no further action can currently be taken.

“We’ve obviously done it for unusual circumstances but we really don’t want to see that get there. At this point, until we know more, it would be wrong for us to suggest that there is a punishment coming from KSHAA” said Holaday.

KSHAA wants to remind everyone that the most important thing to remember from this is to always treat others with respect.

“Treat each other with respect, dignity, and character. When you go to another place and play, how would you want to be treated? And that is probably the number one thing everyone needs to keep in mind.” said Holaday.

Valley Center and Topeka Public Schools issued a joint statement saying:

“We are continuing discussions between the principals and superintendents as we investigate the issues. We do not support or condone violence or any language or behavior that promotes violence and we both remain prepared to hold individuals accountable if threatening language or behavior is displayed”

The investigation is currently ongoing, so no punishment has currently been issued.