KSNT News automates school & business closings process

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – KSNT News has automated its school and business closings process and wants to make sure area organizations are prepared in case they need to issue a cancellation Sunday night or Monday morning, when several inches of snow is predicted for Northeast Kansas.

All schools, churches, daycares, organizations and businesses must be pre-registered and approved in order to post closings on KSNT, KTMJ, KTKA, KSNT.com and Fox43Topeka.com.

Managers can enroll their business or organization by visiting ksnt.com/closingsrequest.

KSNT News recently sent a mailing to all groups preregistered in our system with instructions on how to report cancellations. Any questions about user names, passwords and where to enter closings should be sent to closings@ksnt.com.

KSNT staff is not able to manually complete closings on behalf of businesses or organizations. All groups must utilize our automated system.

The automation is in place to make our information as accurate and secure as it can be.

Schools, churches and businesses with more than 1,000 employees will display on our TV tickers and websites. All other groups will be displayed on our websites only.

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