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KSU entomology class eats worms and crickets

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) - It's called entomophogy, the use of insects as food. 

Kansas State University professor Gregory Zolnerowich studies entomology. His freshmen seminar class got to sample from a tasting menu of mealworms on their last day of class for the semester. 

Zolnerowich bought 500 mealworms, or beetle larvae to cook. He washed and starved the bugs for a few hours before cooking.  

The class topped the mealworms with guacamole and ate them with tortilla chips. Others were fried and coated with garlic and parmesan cheese, and some in cinnamon sugar. But the cooking demonstration was not just for the sake of trying something strange. 

"Students think it's a novelty but really it's raising their awareness of several things," said Zolnerowich. "The world population is growing at a tremendous rate and places like KSU and other universities and government agencies have to figure out how to feed this growing population." 

Crickets are a cheap source of protein and actually contain twice as much protein as beef per gram. According to Zolnerowich, raising insects as a protein is also more environmentally friendly than raising cattle. 

He even said eating worms is better for those on the popular Ketogenic diet than eating other common forms of protein. 



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