LAWRENCE (KSNT) – A recently released letter from the University of Kansas shows that the suspension for a fraternity over the hazing of new members has been reduced.

The letter, which was dated May 12, 2022, lists an agreement between Phi Delta Theta National Fraternity, Kansas Alpha Chapter of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, the Kansas Alpha of Phi Delta Theta Alumni Corporation and the University of Kansas. The letter goes on to say that the suspension period for the fraternity will be taken down from five to 3.5 years.

The letter also shows that the fraternity has agreed to several conditions related to hazing, such as regular meetings on educational programming, the addition of new terms to the chapter’s housing contract and mandatory reporting and investigations.

Phi Delta Theta and Phi Gamma Delta both took part in hearings in December 2021 and, as a result, were removed from campus until the spring of 2027. Both fraternities were banned for five years due to hazing and other violations to the KU student code of conduct.

Phi Delta Theta broke the student code of conduct in the following areas according to KU:

  • Behavior that violates the core value of Respect — Harm to Persons: causing physical harm or endangering the health or safety of any person.
  • Behavior that violates the core value of Respect — Retaliation as defined as any behavior, direct or indirect, taken to or attempt to harass, intimidate, or improperly influence any individual associated with the student conduct process or any other University grievance or complaint process.
  • Behavior that violates the core value of Community — Abuse of Conduct Process: a student interferes with, attempts to or improperly influences the established student discipline procedures or process of the University (Code of conduct violations are courtesy of the Office for Student Affairs).

In January 2022, it was reported that one hundred and sixteen members were determined to be in good standing, one lost a position within the organization, three members were suspended and four were expelled, according to documentation provided by the University of Kansas’ Office of Student Affairs.

A new member of Phi Delta Theta, referred to as the co-complainant, told a chapter official that pillows and mattress pads were taken and thrown out the window and personal items were broken — leading to him having to sleep in his car multiple times just to get sleep. The co-complainant also said that active members retaliated against him — pounding on his door, pushing him, spitting on him and throwing beer bottles at him, according to documentation provided by the University of Kansas’ Office of Student Affairs.

To read the entire letter from May 12, 2022, see below:

KU Letter by Matthew Self on Scribd