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KU removes altered US flag after public outcry

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) - The University of Kansas has removed a controversial altered U.S. flag Wednesday afternoon after a number of state leaders raised concerns. 

Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer released a statement Wednesday condemning an altered flag flying.

The Republican governor said the disrespectful display of a desecrated flag on the KU campus is absolutely unacceptable.

"Men and women have fought and bled for that flag and to use it in this manner is beyond disrespectful."

Colyer went on to say that "I have communicated with KU Chancellor Doug Girod and Board of Regents President Blake Flanders to express my disappointment that a taxpayer funded institution would allow such a display of our sacred flag and I demand that it be taken down immediately."

The piece, called "Untitled (Flag 2)", is the last of a series of flag pieces that have flown on the Lawrence campus in the last several months as part of a national art project.

Kansas is one of 11 institutions at 14 locations participating in "Pledges of Allegiance" project, which organizers say is designed to address social issues and inspire community among cultural institutions.

The flag includes two black shapes that the artist, Josephine Meckseper, says represents a deeply polarized country. 





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