TOPEKA (KSNT)- Shawnee County Parks and Recreation crews are working on the roof to shelter house six at Lake Shawnee.

Parks and Rec says the current roof is 20-years-old and in need of repairs. Shawnee County Commissioners approved more than $11,000 for the project this morning, but Parks and Rec hopes to keep it under budget.

Workers there say, it’s important to fix problems when they come up — instead of falling behind.

“We monitor all of our shelters because we have over 15-20 shelters,” said John Boyd, Shawnee County Parks and Rec Superintendent of Park Operations. “And so, if all the roofs go bad at the same time, that’s a large chunk of money, so we’re trying to be preventative and keep a maintenance schedule going.”

Work on the shelter house will start in a couple weeks and shouldn’t need to be replaced for about 30 years, Boyd said.