Lake Sherwood to update entire wastewater system for $6 million

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Despite $6 million in improvements to a wastewater system, people in a local Topeka neighborhood will not see an increase in their water bill.

Topeka Public Works said that making those changes now will actually be cheaper than letting the system continue as is. They said failure to do so could lead to extreme damage to the entire wastewater system.

The upgrades to the system will include replacing six water pump stations and a collection system that runs under the lake.

Public works said that the current treatment system in place has neared the end of its life span.

A poorly-functioning water waste system will not effectively clean the water that is used in homes, which is why Curt Neihaus, the Director of Public Works for Shawnee County says this $6 million upgrade is necessary.

“When you consider the risk of failure, now is the time to take care of these projects, to address them,” said Neihaus. “Failure to do so, failure to be proactive, could be a catastrophic failure.”

The updates will be paid for with “user fees” that every Lake Sherwood resident pays.

Public Works is also considering a $1 million contract that would assess the treatment plan and potentially make additional upgrades.

That contract all depends on how the upgrades to the water waste system go.

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