TOPEKA (KSNT) – The mall may have just recently been sold to a new owner, but that isn’t stopping new shops and attractions from opening.

For those that are looking for new things to do in Topeka, you may just want to stop by the mall. In addition to checking items off your last minute holiday shopping, you can experience the latest blacklight golf center in the city.

The owner, Rasool Altameeni, has worked with the Topeka mall for years, operating the bungee station.

“I always see in my customers eyes that they want something fun, something more than super bungee. I talked to my partner if he wanted to do something for Topeka so the kids when they come to the mall they can enjoy and do more stuff, more than super bungee and laser tag,” Altameeni said.

This isn’t his first rodeo, having opened a similar indoor facility in the Wichita mall.

 “We think its a good idea, something new and for kids, they can enjoy it especially when the its cold and snowing outside, when the weather is bad outside,” Altameeni said.

Because Altameeni owns both the bungee jump and mini golf, those looking to enjoy the two attractions can get a discount when they visit.

“Come to the West Ridge Mall, come and try the mini golf, and try the Super Bungee. My name is Rasool, come look for me. Me and my team will do every single thing to make you guys happy, and keep the smile on your family,” he said.

Anybody that has seen Rasool work in the mall knows how much he cares about bringing joy to those around him.