Laundry Love program plans to do free laundry for people in need

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A new program in Topeka wants to spread a little love by doing people’s laundry.

Samantha Graham said over the years she’s spent thousands of dollars washing her clothes at laundromats. In her hometown of Salina, a program called Laundry Love did her washes for free once a month, and now she wants to pay it forward. 

“Laundry love is an organization that helps low-income, poverty, and homeless have a chance to do their laundry,” Graham said.   

She wants to bring the program to the Capitol City. Once a month people will be able to go to Aquablast Laundromat 810 SE 15th St Suite 5-6, Topeka and the program will pay for their laundry to be done. All you have to do is ask. 

“Anybody can come in and get on the list,” Graham said.

The owner of Aquablast in Topeka, Tracy Chamberlin, has Laundry Love at his other laundramats in Wichita. He said it’s a great way to help people struggling to make ends meet. 

“I don’t see any abuse of it,” he said. “I don’t see any people coming in that don’t need it. So like I said it’s a really good program.”    

As Graham gets ready to host her first Laundry Love wash session, she’s asking for people to give. She’s taking donations of detergent and other laundry supplies. She hopes to be able to raise $800 each month to do 200 loads of laundry during each wash session. 

“That’s a lot of laundry and that’s a lot of love going around too,” she said. 

Graham plans to host the laundry love wash at Aquablast in Topeka on the third Thursday of each month from 5:00-8:00 p.m. You can find more information in the Topeka Laundry Love Facebook group

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