LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) — The area’s largest gathering of street performers, the Lawrence Busker Festival, wrapped up its final day. It was a four day stretch of incredible display of showmanship, arts and much more.

The festival brought together a talented array of freaks, geeks, artists, and musicians, captivating audiences with their extraordinary skills and creative performances.

People in attendance had the opportunity to learn skills including juggling, magic and circus techniques. 

The festival provided a platform for local artists to showcase their talents in downtown Lawrence.

“We were able to block off the streets, allow people to gather in a secure environment so they weren’t walking through traffic,” event organizer Beth Byrd-Lonski said. “It made it easier to get to all the stages. And we added 40 vendors this year”

She say they are glad to have been able to do this festival and grow it for the past 15 years.

“15 years of building this with workshops, musicians, a lot of local performers, still,”  Byrd-Lonski said. “But it just feels great to be able to expand and be one of the biggest busker festivals in the country and the world.”

Byrd-Lonski believes by bringing together a diverse range of performances and activities, it’ll nurture the local arts community and encourage people of all ages to explore their artistic potential.