LAWRENCE (KSNT) – A local hero was featured on the Kelly Clarkson show today on KSNT.

Thursday afternoon, the Lawrence Kansas Police Department (LKPD) was featured on the Kelly Clarkson Show to highlight some unique artists within the department. A K-9, Mack works for the LKPD and has created three masterpieces.

The police dogs in Lawrence make artwork that’s auctioned off to buy ballistic vests for police K-9s throughout the Midwest.

“They need all kinds of things with these four-legged hero’s that we have,” Friends of the K9 Vest Midwest Founder Emily Fawcett said. “And I was like ‘we need to come up with a really cool way to fundraise’ and so we came up with this concept where the dogs get to be the Picassos.”

“We’ve been able to get vests for all three of our agency dogs through Emily,” Lawrence Police Cpl. Kevin Henderson said. “The main thing is to just keep the dogs as safe as possible when they’re out working. They’re put in very dangerous situations; they’re very good dogs and they deserve everything they can get.”

The project raises money for Friends of the K9 Vest Midwest. Fawcett told Clarkson one of the paintings went for $2,000!

To see the full clip on the Kelly Clarkson Show, click here.