LAWRENCE, Kan. — Drivers who get pulled over in Lawrence for broken lights or turn signals could get a voucher for repairs instead of a ticket.

The Lawrence Police Department has partnered with the Lights On! program to provide vouchers to people who are stopped for defective equipment like broken headlights and taillights or defective turn signals.

Drivers can take the voucher to one of three participating auto repair shops to get the repair done for free.

“We want to make it easier to comply with the law, not more difficult,” Chief Rich Lockhart said in a statement. “We also hope it changes the tone of these stops to one where officers get to meet members of the community and they get to meet us – a positive interaction.” 

The following shops are working with Lawrence police and Lights On: Free State Auto Works, Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics Inc. and Westside 66.

Police said the shops are named on each voucher, and they’re only good for two weeks.

Lawrence police also said the voucher has an individual number and a place for the officer to fill in the vehicle’s license plate and date.

However, it’s at the officer’s discretion on when to give out vouchers, and police hope that most go to those who need them.

“We recognize that when repairs haven’t been made to a vehicle and it’s in violation, many times there’s a reason for that,” Lockhart said. “This is an attempt to help mitigate that for lower-income drivers, rather than punish those who are already stressed.”