LECOMPTON (KSNT) – A community is mourning the loss of a local athlete who made it to the NFL.

Marvin Kellum was a Lecompton native, a Wichita State alum and a Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker who passed away on Saturday, Feb. 4. He died at the age of 70 in Pittsburgh.

The Lecompton community was extremely proud of Kellum’s success in the league. He aided the Steelers to two Super Bowl wins in 1975 and 1976.

During the second half of Super Bowl IX, Kellum recovered a second-half kickoff, and that’s where the city of Lecompton got a special shoutout.

“He recovered the second-half kickoff against the Minnesota Vikings,” President of the Lecompton Historical Society Paul Bahnmaier said. “The announcers worldwide said the football was recovered by Marvin Kellum who played 8-man high school football in Lecompton, Kansas.”

Kellum’s memorial display case is currently at the Lecompton Historical Society. His two Super Bowl rings are there as well.