Life lessons from 100-year-old Kansans

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Pieces of advice from 100-year-old Kansans

Jerry Hinton – 100 years old – Born June 12, 1919 – Lives in Topeka

Jerry’s Advice:

  • “Stay happy, travel. Stay happy.”
  • “Try to exercise every day.”
Julia Kabance – 109 years old – Born August 10, 1910 – Lives in Wamego

Julia’s Advice:

  • “Someone asked me, what’s the secret? I said there’s no secret… eat good food, get plenty of rest and exercise.”
  • “Stay away from fat foods and sweet foods.”
Malcolm Strom – 101 years old – Born March 24, 1918 – Lives in Dwight

Malcolm’s Advice:

  • “Be polite and helpful where you can be.”
  • “Treat people how you would like to be treated even though you may not know them.”
  • “Enjoy life no matter where you’re at.”
  • “Don’t eat junk food.”
Gene Jerabek – 102 years old – Born December 10, 1917 – Lives in Manhattan

Gene’s Advice:

  • “One of my pieces of advice was to go to your church.”
  • “Do what you’re taught.”
  • “Actually treat people like you would like to be treated.”
Dale Whitaker – 102 years old – Born January 13, 1917 – Lives in Topeka

Dale’s Advice:

  • “Don’t rush into marriage. Be sure that you really know each other, and that you have thought rationally about whether your life or your interests will be congenial.”
  • “Our family went to church regularly, we had firm religious beliefs. Not excessive but firm.”
  • “Exercise is a great assist in keeping the brain and body active.”
Eleanor Liu – 100 years old – Born June 14, 1919 – Lives in Tecumseh

Eleanor’s Advice:

  • “To be unselfish is one of the best things you can do, don’t always think of yourself.”
  • “Don’t get hung up on using your device (cell phone) all the time… Make it work for you, not just control you.”
Opal Craney – 104 years old – Born January 3, 1915 – Died August 20, 2019 – Lived in Manhattan
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