TERRA HAUTE, Ind. (KSNT) – The Terra Haute Penitentiary execution team performed a lethal injection early Wednesday morning for Lisa Montgomery’s conviction in a violent 2004 murder, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

In response to the execution decision, Montgomery’s attorney Kelley Henry called out a “failed administration” for allowing the execution of a woman who is “unable to rationally understand her execution”.

“The craven bloodlust of a failed administration was on full display tonight,” Henry said. “Everyone who participated in the execution of Lisa Montogmery should feel shame.”

KSNT News witnessed the execution of Montgomery, who died at 1:31 a.m. ET Wednesday, Jan. 13. She said no final words.

KSNT News anchor Brooke Lennington, who was one of five media personnel to witness the death, said she could see Montgomery’s “chest moving sporadically at times and her mouth twitching.” The entire process lasted around 15 minutes.

Henry said she does not deny the crimes committed by Montgomery, but believed the justice system failed her.

“This failed government adds itself to a long list of people and institutions who failed Lisa,” Henry said. “We should recognize Lisa Montgomery’s execution for what it was: the vicious, unlawful, and unnecessary exercise of authoritarian power. We cannot let this happen again.”

Montgomery is the first woman in 67 years to be federally executed under the death penalty.

“Lisa Nouri, Amy Harwell and I represented Mrs. Montgomery for eight years. We loved her very much and she loved us,” Henry said. “She honored us with her truth and trusted us to share it in a way that not only told her story, but that could help other women.”

Neither Montgomery’s family or the family of the victim, Bobbie Jo Stinnett, have made comment as of early Wednesday morning.