Local artists make comeback after fire destroys Trails Art Gallery

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A group of people is making a comeback after a fire destroyed their art gallery.

Flames tore through the Trails Art Gallery in Topeka in late May, destroying the building and all of the art and artifacts inside.

Rebecca Ellsworth was one of the vendors at the gallery.

“When trails burned we felt like we lost more than just stuff. We felt like we lost our happy place and we felt like we lost our home,” Ellsworth said.

It was a devastating loss for the artists who sold their work there. Former vendor Clyde Holscher said they leaned on each other to get through it and met weekly at the Celtic Fox.

“Right after the fire, people were pretty distraught. So we would all meet over there Friday at 1:00 and it was predominately just a cry in your beer thing. Oh poor me and poor that and there was a lot of tears,” Holscher said.

They didn’t let it keep them down for long. In early September 7 of the vendors from the gallery opened up The Vintage Fox right next to the place they had come for comfort. Now Ellsworth owns the Vintage Fox and Holscher is one of the vendors there.

“It’s our beginning of something new out of something so horrible,” Ellsworth said.

Now they’re back and better than ever selling all kinds of art, vintage items, and just about everything in between.

“We do this because we love it, not because we have to. I guarantee you if you walk through the blue door and make it all the way to the back, you’ll come out with a smile,” Holscher said.

Just like each of the artifacts they have in their store, it’s the story of what they’ve been through that makes the Vintage Fox so special.

“Now I look around and I’m in awe in how everybody here has made this place look so fantastic and so wonderful. I couldn’t be prouder to have these people around me. It’s family and I’m very proud, just proud,” Ellsworth said.

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