Local baker turns hobby into business, out of her own kitchen

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A local woman is hoping to encourage others to follow their dreams after she’s turned a hobby into a business.

It all started with her son’s 2nd birthday in 2017.

“We couldn’t afford to go to an expensive baker and get a $100 cake he’s going to take two bites of,” Katie Martell said.

Martell had never decorated a cake before but thought she would try it out for that celebration.

“Everybody that came to his party, I was like ‘look at this cake, I made it!'”

That’s really where everything began, baking more and more, all for fun.

Then, about six months ago though, she found herself wondering what comes next.

“I was like, oh my gosh I don’t know why I never thought of that!”

Some family members suggested she take her baking to the next level. Turning it into a business, a business in her own kitchen.

“Starting something from nothing, because I wanted to stay at home with my boys, and now it’s this crazy business.”

She’s named it Katie’s Krazy Kakes & Kookies.

She bakes every day with one goal in mind, to help others.

“I have a goal to make it less expensive, more affordable, so the people that can’t afford to get their kids a fancy cake, can still get something that is special to their kids.”

Because that’s something Martell can relate to.

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