TOPEKA (KSNT) — A local business, Creative Pathways & Means, is offering a new program, hoping it will help to empower and inspire students across Kansas. 

The Jayhawk Theatre alongside Jobs for America Kansas (JAG-Kansas) students are igniting creativity and encouraging self-expression in a positive and authentic way.

Creative Pathway & Means co-founder, Connor England, said by embracing their unique voices, these young individuals tap into their creativity, authenticity and personal growth

“So everyone has inside of them, all sorts of creative power, but they don’t necessarily know how to tap into it,” England said. “So, the creativity model and some of the things we talked about today is taking control of that intuition. Something you can use at work or home or in relationships, wherever.”

The hope is, by paving the way for creativity, self-expression and personal empowerment, students are unlocking the potential of students and shaping a brighter future.