Local car salesman beats store sales record, ranks nationally

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – One local car salesman is selling more cars than five of the average salesman combined, per month.

His name is Randy Morehead. He works at Capital City Nissan. Recently, he broke their record for the most cars sold per year. But what’s even more impressive is that he ranks in the top 20 best car salesman in the nation.

The average car salesman sells about eight cars nationally. In the Midwest, that average is about 12 cars. But Morehead says he sells about 35 to 36 cars a month.

In February 2019 alone, he sold 54 cars.

And yet, with so many sales, each one is personal.

When Morehead was a teenager, his mom was taken advantage of during a car sale. The car still needed lots of work after his family bought it.

It never occurred to him that he might become a salesman as a career.

“Once I got into it eight years ago, I just made my slogan, I was going to treat them like family, every single person,” said Morehead. “I’m in the business for the long haul, not just a quick sell.”

Morehead says the special relationships he’s formed have led to attending customers’ weddings, graduation parties, and kids’ sporting events.

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