TOPEKA (KSNT) — Fans across northeast Kansas usually always show up for Kansas City Chiefs football, especially on Sundays. But one superfan stands out among the others.

GT Ngole is a 32-year-old from Silver Lake. His love for Chiefs football started in the mid-nineties.

“My grandfather who is no longer with us took me to a game at Arrowhead back when Derrick Thomas played for the Chiefs,” Ngole said. “The Chiefs were really good back then and Arrowhead was really loud and I was hooked.”

Ngole’s love for the Chiefs has only grown since then. He doesn’t miss a game day and has dozens of notable collector’s items like programs from old games, footballs signed by players, and much more, but some pieces stand out more than the others.

“My absolute favorite is probably an old Derrick Thomas jersey that I still have and wore to that first game,” Ngole said. “That one is probably my favorite because my grandpa got it for me. Plus it has a little sentimental value for me as well.”

Ngole’s son is also named Derek Thomas, named after his favorite former Chief, spelled slightly different. Now he gets to share his love for Chiefs football with him and the rest of his family as they make new memories together. One of his favorite recent memories is when the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2020.

“I lied down on the floor and cried. I really did,” Ngole said. “There are people that I wish could have seen it but out of pure joy when Damien Williams scored the winning touchdown I just cried like a little kid.”

Ngole is hopeful for the rest of the season and hopes to cheer on the Chiefs to another Super Bowl victory.